Streamline all types of giving and strengthen charitable impact with easy-to-use tools to help organize, plan, and execute across the entire giving process.

One portal. One process. For all charitable activities.

Plan and automate the execution, tracking and compliance for any type of charitable gift in a single portal with just one process to learn. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to time saved.


Provide everyone with answers before anyone asks questions.

Track key tasks and milestones on a timeline at every stage of the grant lifecycle. Keep donors and the family office team in lockstep with real-time updates before anyone even has to ask for them.


See across clients and serve them all better.

Streamline the management of charitable activity for multiple clients with the advisor view. Support and monitor donations across different families and households while leveraging cross-client metrics to create more effective strategies for all of them.

Credit card donations minus credit card dilemmas.

Easily combine credit card giving within total charitable activity and automatically generate a complete record of donations with supporting documentation. No wrangling receipts at tax time. No deductions are missed.

Layer in financials to level up performance and efficiency.

Sync with QuickBooks or Sage Intacct to provide full visibility into the flow of charitable funds and automatically debit donations. Reduce human error and eliminate the need for double entry. A big win for donors and your office staff.

Automate payments. Eliminate workload.

Automatically schedule and send payment letters and funds via printed check or electronic transfer, automate payment status and delivery tracking, even add your family office, foundation, or company logo and colors. Make payments faster and on brand without all the manual effort.

Create giving plans to increase giving impact.

Easily create a giving plan based on aspirational goals, budgets and required distributions, then track progress in real time. Gain instant visibility into how much you have given, the impact you’re having, and how capacity remains if a new charitable opportunity arises.

See the difference you’re making, not just the donations.

Use tags to personalize a view of your giving that lets you visualize it in a meaningful way. See more than just a list of grants, but also how your giving aligns with your causes and the impact it’s having.

Do your due diligence with less doing.

Easily assess and evaluate potential grant recipients from one place within the app using a thoughtful curation of charity statistics, financial figures, and public documents.

Increase charitable impact with more than checks to charities.

Giving goes way beyond charitable donations. So, enable giving strategies that do, too. Use the platform to connect with emerging impact and social investing opportunities that strengthen support for overall charitable goals.

Track documents for tax-time way ahead of time.

Integrated tax support lets you track, gather, and review donation receipts months ahead of tax time, and create an export for your accountant. So every donor can get every deduction without the tedious tax-time scramble.

Access better giving data to inform better giving.

As the only multi-vehicle aggregation platform for charitable activity, our ad hoc and custom reports provide unique giving insights informed by your giving activity and history.

Helps all kinds of foundations run all kinds of better.

No matter how a private foundation is organized, help it run more effectively. Automate the generation of standard documents, process tracking, and ensure IRS compliance with automatic capture of key audit information.

All the visibility. None of the manual effort.

Get a big picture view of a family’s total charitable activity over time across all family members, financial accounts, and charitable vehicles. No more manually pulling sources to piece it all together.

Find hard working charities without all the hard work.

Quickly search charities and discover new ones to support using leading charitable databases that are integrated into the platform. Discover the grant recipients you want without all the legwork you don’t.


Context. Contacts. Coming right up!

Provide instant access to relevant documents, notes and key contacts pertaining to charitable activity and gift recipients via the charity view. Centralize all information in just one place and inform better collaboration across the entire team.

Spot common causes across generations.

Gain full visibility into a family’s charitable activity across generations, households, and individuals. Identify intersecting interests and build more impactful strategies to support the whole family’s common causes and individual goals.

Leading charitable experts at your service.

Get valuable insights from leading data providers in the charitable space as part of our service. Assess charities with integrated data from GuideStar. Explore outcomes and related charities with Impact Genome and more. Without ever leaving the application.

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