No matter your role, or type of charitable donation you’re making, Giving Place provides you the tools to make it easier.

Family Office

Reduces time, effort, and risk.

Automate gift planning, disbursement and tracking to accelerate charitable activity and achieve client goals while ensuring all tax rules are followed. Do more and do it faster without suffering spreadsheet chaos, frantic follow-up, and compliance pitfalls.

Automate gift planning, execution, and tracking.
Ensure IRS compliance and audit support.
Eliminate chaotic spreadsheets and follow-up.
“With Giving Place, we were way ahead of schedule vs. prior year giving and the platform and reports create a much more useful reference for future decisions.”
- Family Office Operations Professional

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Donors & Family Members

Every family is different. We’re built for that.

Organize, streamline, and track charitable activity for unified family goals and individual family members’ causes. Be it big picture giving, or for a personal endeavor, you can support causes and charities that resonate with you and easily see your combined family impact.

Tailor giving programs to individual or family goals.
Track individual and combined family impact.
Facilitate multi-generational giving.
“Instead of spending all that time waiting for the family office team to hunt down answers to basic questions, we can quickly find the information we need to make decisions in one place.”
- 2nd Generation Family Principal

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Partners & Advisors

Empowers the whole team to work better as one team.

Provide external advisors with full, real-time visibility into charitable activity details and insights, plus access to essential tools. Enable more effective collaboration and strategic impact across one, unified team.

Empower advisers with client visibility and tools.
Enable effective collaboration across unified team.
Enrich client service and relationships.
“Giving Place is the right tool for any full or part time executive director supporting a family giving program. It puts key information at easy reach and eliminates administrative work, allowing me to focus on advancing a family’s strategy.”
- Executive Director, Family Office giving program

Giving Place makes it simple to manage all types of charitable giving.

Cash Donations

Automate cash donations to charities using your checking account. Plus, you can automate all payment tracking and tax documentation, too.

Cash Donations Outside of Giving Place

Making a credit card donation on a charity website? Forward the gift receipt to Giving Place and it will be added to your giving history so you can easily generate your tax documentation.

Stock or Other Non-cash Donations

Giving Place automatically captures information you need to determine fair market value, file your taxes, and get a write-off.


Use Giving Place to streamline grants made from your Donor-Advised Fund (DAF). Giving Place works with your DAF provider to execute any donations alongside those from other accounts.

Private Foundation

Giving Place can integrate with your foundation’s checking account to issue grants to charities you choose and support your foundation’s governance and compliance procedures.

Community Foundation

Giving Place can streamline grant execution as a single point of contact with your Community Foundation partner and consolidate your locally focused gifts into your charitable activity view.

Other Types of Giving

Any type of charitable giving can be consolidated in Giving Place and made visible in your aggregate views.

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